Welcome to Cottage Music. Music Technology Training in Melbourne

 We teach musicians how to really understand gear.
How to produce and arrange.  
Music Technology Training in Melbourne. 

About Us

Music is Our Passion

We know about gear.  We know about music theory.  We know about arranging and production.

We love sharing that with others!

We can guide you through making sense of the myriad of options and tools available in the world of digital and analogue music production.

We pride ourselves on providing and extensive range of  Music Technology Training in Melbourne/

Understanding Digital Audio

We have a well appointed student desk with a variety of digital and analogue synths.  

Your desk has a selection of useful hardware outboard gear to practice and hone your mixing chops.

Writing and Arranging

We teach composition and arranging (production).    

We can also teach music theory to intermediate levels, including melody, harmony, rhythm.  
We also cover introductory Orchestration and scoring techniques for Orchestral sample libraries.


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