About Me

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Who Am I?


I am from the UK, I grew up in the country, in a 15th century cottage from which my company takes its name, 

I've been a musician since the age of 7 when my parents first encouraged me to play our old piano.  I subsequently was trained as a classical pianist through my teens with a view to entering the London School of Music to study music further. 

Ultimately, I made the decision to pursue a career in the early flourishing computing industry where I felt the opportunities and financial reward were better. 

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My Love of Music


Since then I have mixed my love of music, teaching and technology to provide training for individuals and groups in both the practical and theoretical aspects of music composition, production and performance. 

I split my time between tutoring music and providing technology consultancy to one of the big four Australian banks.

My background in both analogue and digital technology fits well with the recent resurgence in analogue sound that adds that ‘warmth’ that many of us feel has been missing for a number of years.

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Exciting Times!


These are exciting times for musicians with ground-breaking powerful tools which allow us to routinely work musical magic that was considered impossible just a few years ago.

With all this power comes the need to wield the tools to our best advantage. 

I know our sessions together will help you on your journey and give you the edge to stand out from the crowd.


I'm sure you share my enthusiasm and passion for all the different amazing tools we have to help us grow our skills as music producers and composers. These are indeed exciting times!