In a Nutshell

You can see the details for each of the subjects I teach by going to our Subjects menu.

As a brief overview though I can cover the following areas from fundamentals to advanced:

  • Home studio setup..
  • Digital audio workstations (PC software only at present).
  • Engineering, recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Sound design, software and hardware synthesis.
  • Production, sampling, NI Maschine, Ableton Push.
  • Music Theory, composition (melody, harmony, chord progressions), arrangement and orchestration.
  • Music Notation (Sibelius, Notion)

This list is by no means exhaustive, nor are you required to adhere specifically to one of the subjects listed on my subject pages.  These can provide an excellent curriculum for each subject but can equally be used as a starting point for customizing your lessons the way you want.

This is all about your needs!



You call the shots! After all, you are paying the piper.

This is your musical adventure! I can demonstrate the skills you are seeking but I firmly believe that the best learning experience comes from you doing things with me assisting. 

I provide a structure for our session which is backed up by written materials that you can take away with you to read over later.

If at any point we are digging deeper than you think you need we an ‘trim the tail’. This is knowing when to stop because there is no more value to you in investigating the subject further.

For this to work I want you to feel free to call out when you’ve reached this point on any particular aspect of our sessions. 

We’re self-paced, so if I’m moving too fast tell me to slow down, equally if I’m laboring a point then say so! I won’t be offended. If you are left not understanding a particular aspect then please, please stop me and we’ll expand on things. 

The supporting materials will contain more detail and you can of course choose to read this later at your leisure. 

I also encourage investigation and experimentation so if you feel that you want to diverge from the original lesson plan and focus on an area that has piqued your interest then stop me and we’ll change direction together.

I want our face to face time to be of maximum value by addressing as far as is possible, in the time we spend together, the big issues on which you want to focus.

There is no limit to how much (or little) time you want to spend on a particular subject although I can of course give you some idea of what time most people spend.

Most students will go through the subject matter before starting and highlight the areas on which they particularly want to focus and those that are of less interest.


Choosing subjects and cost

What subjects are right for me?

  Well that depends! 

This is why we should always talk first of all to determine what it is you need to know.

Ask yourself what it is that you’re struggling with. Then talk to me about it. This is better than attempting to guess which subject might cover your needs. 

For example:

“Why is my audio software so complicated? It has zillions of features, which ones do I actually need to know? Am I even using the right piece of software in the first place? What about latency that people keep talking about on forums?”


“Why can’t I seem to turn my ideas into songs? I get cool 8 bar loops but can’t seem to get them any further. Why don’t my productions ebb and flow like the ones I hear on the radio?”

Or perhaps,

“Why don’t my completed tracks sound professional?”

It is probable that you are facing more than one challenge. In that case we need to identify the first one that is blocking your progress and make a start on removing that speed bump. 

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See our introductory courses (101 level)

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How much does it cost?

Your first hour is free!  This time is to get to know each other and decide on what you want to do.

I charge $65 / Hour for individualized training*.   Lessons can be 1 or 2 hours duration.

You won't be sharing your time or our equipment with other students and the lessons are tailored to your needs.

You can take as long as you want over a subject, the number of lessons depends entirely on how in-depth you want to go.

(* I can cater for certain subjects for groups of 3-4 students however these will be tailored for a single session and not have the same depth as my individual training)

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