Analogue Synths

  • Moog Semi-Modular.  Consisting of a pair of Mother32s and a DFAM percussion synth.  This analogue synth teaches you the real meaning of 'patches'.
  • Korg Minlogue.  A 4-voice polyphonic analogue synth.  This one is ideal for those 80's retro sounds right up to current EDM faves.
  • Roland SE-02.   A wonderfully rich and flexible monophonic lead synth loosely based on the Minimoog.  Roland and Studio Electronics have greatly expanded on the original's capabilities.
  • Korg Volca Keys.  The baby brother!   A great, simple little 3 voice analogue offering features that punch way out of its league.

Digital Synths / Virtual Analogues

  • Novation Ultranova.  An 18 voice digital synth.  The Ultranova is the latest in the Novation range of synths that set the standard for dance music through the 90s and 2000s.  Capable of rich pads through to gnarly grunge.
  • Studio Logic Sledge 2.0.  A 24 voice digital synth with wave tables.  The sledge uses a Waldorf created engine and naturally has all the wavetables from the famous PPG Wave synths.   Laid out like a classic analogue synth this keyboard is a pleasure to play and experiment with.  
  • Roland Boutique JX-03.  The analog circuit modelling of this synth makes it pretty well indistinguishable from the original JX-3P released in the early 80s.  A classic 4 voice Roland workhorse.
  • Roland Boutique JU-06.  Another in the boutique range.  The JU-06 provides authentic Juno 106 sounds (I used to own several of those and can confirm the authenticity).  
  • Roland Boutique TR-08.  The rebooted TR-808!     The TR-08 brings the look, sound, and and most importantly the workflow of the original 808—with stunning accuracy— as featured on thousands of top tracks over the last 30 years.

FM Synthesis

  • Volca FM.  A 3 voice, 6 operator FM synthesiser.  Based on the Yamaha DX7 this synth has the same internal architecture (to the point that it can load original DX7 patches).  Get those stunning bell tones and the famous DX7 electric piano sounds.
  • Many of the other synths also support FM as an optional sound source.